Get a free pair of Beats X headphones with these big data EE SIM only deals

We've been graced with a lot of brilliant, big data SIM only deals recently. But the one thing they've all been missing is an added incentive. When it comes SIMOs, the amount of data you're getting and the cost you're paying are paramount. But combining great cost, tonnes of data and a freebie to entice you in…well that just the perfect combination.

Showing other networks how it's done, EE is now offering a free pair of Beats X wireless headphones with one of its big data SIMO plans. Pay just £27 a month and you'll receive not only the free headphones but also 50GB of data every month. 

If you like the idea of lots of data and EE's fast connection speeds, but the cost has put you off there's another option for you. Drop the price by £4 a month and you can still get 25GB of data, you do lose the free headphones though. 

Both of these EE SIM only deals are Essential Plans. That means that at any point you can sign up for free 6 month trials to Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play, Apple Music and a 3 month free trial for BT Sport – just to add to the overall value of these offers.

These impressive EE SIM only deals

What if I want a shorter term SIM only deal?

A full year with EE sound like a little bit too long for you? No problem. If flexibility is what you're after then Smarty, a relatively new player to the game, has a 30-day flexible unlimited data plan for just £25 a month.

So it's a tad more pricey and not necessarily a name you'll be familiar with, but at least you know that you can break at any time and you'll have no caps on your usage. Plus, Smarty is currently throwing in a £20 Amazon voucher. Bonus!

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