Pokémon Go updates: all the news and rumors for what's coming next

Pokémon Go: the world's first augmented reality app to become a household name. Niantic's mobile AR game is still going strong two years after it first released, with a constant drip of events and updates keeping budding trainers glued to their phones and pounding the streets.

And while it hasn't managed to top the peak of its popularity in 2016, it's still going strong and finding plenty of new ways to improve its player experience.

So what's the latest news for Pokémon Go? As you'd expect, brand new features are being added all the time and community events are still going strong.

So without further ado, here's our guide to all the latest Pokémon Go news and updates.

Pokémon Go news and Pokémon Go updates

  • What's new? Pokémon Go has released three legendary Pokémon into the game

Niantic has released the rare Legendary Lake Guardian Trio of Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie into Pokémon Go.

To date Legendaries have only appeared in Pokémon Go as special research or in Tier 5 raids

As far as we know, players have only reported one of the illusive trio per region with Azelf residing in the Americas, Uxie in Asia-Pacific and Mesprit in Europe. So unless you fancy traveling the globe, you are unlikely to catch all three.

Check out Niantic's tweet below:

When's the next Pokémon Go event?

There currently isn't an in-game event active in Pokémon Go. However, Niantic are gearing up for Pokémon Go Fest Chicago which will run from June 13 to 19, 2019. 

Check out the official Pokémon Go events page for more details.

When's the next Pokémon Go Community Day?

Pokémon Go's next Community Day takes place on May 19. The featured Pokémon for the event will be Torchic, while the bonuses for the event will be three times catch Stardust and three-hour-long lures. However, we don't know what exclusive move will be available. 

Pokémon Go update: what's next?

Niantic hasn't revealed what updates they have planned next, but we expect a summer/winter event in the coming months.

If the Spring event is anything to go by, we will be seeing seasonal content for the summer and winter events – potentially including limited time prizes?

For summer, we imagine there will be a Fire-type event (because it's warm, right?) while winter is likely to see a Ice-type event. 

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(Image credits: Niantic/Pokémon Company)

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