These three O2 offers are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals we've seen

After costs, data is easily the key factor to differentiate between different mobile phone deals. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S10, until very recently all of the best offers have been on big data, meaning those wanting to get the device cheap had some pretty limited options – but that seems to be changing.

We've found three Samsung Galaxy S10 deals, all on O2 at different data (and price) points. Not only are these the best S10s on O2 but they're also flat out some of the best deals on the phone no matter the network. 

Whether you want the device at its best value price, dropping both the cost and data or want to go all out and are willing to pay the extra price to be a heavy data user, one of these O2 phone deals could be perfect for you.

We've listed these three deals below, so you can find the one that works for you. Or check out our guide to the best Samsung phone deals to see all of the competitors to this device. 

1. The best value

2. A bump in data 

3. Going all out 

4. S10 still too expensive? Try this incredible P30 deal instead

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