The best Huawei P30 deal got even better with chance to win an £1,000 Currys voucher

Last week we saw a Huawei P30 deal which, to put it bluntly, was absolutely unreal. A brand new flagship phone at an overall price tag lower than flagship phones from the last two years. We honestly couldn't see this deal getting any better – but now it has.

Thanks to a competition from the mobile phone retailer supplying this deal,, buying this phone contract by April 19 will also enter you into a competition to win a £1,000 Currys PC world voucher. 

Now, normally we would tell you not to be swayed by these kind of competitions or incentives when buying a new phone, the device is what matters after all. But when the mobile phone deal itself is this good it just feels like a win-win situation to us. 

So if you want to try your luck at winning big with your brand new phone, scroll down to see this deal in full. Or if you like the competition aspect but not this deal itself, check out our guide to the best Huawei p30 deals – but we can tell you now, you will not be able to beat this one for sheer value. 

This incredible Huawei P30 deal:

How good is the Huawei P30?

Now we can understand the worry, this phone has just come out and it's this cheap, how good can it really be? Let us calm the worries by answering that question – this is a seriously impressive phone.

With a triple camera set up, featuring a ridiculous 40MP camera Huawei has aced the photography aspect of this phone. Pairing this with a hefty 3650mAh battery and powerful processor means you don't even have to worry about how this phones doing internally. 

So it's well worth the SIM-free P30 price of £699 – and certainly the £689 broken down over two years as explained above.

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