An inside look at the new Photobucket

The days of storing family photos in large albums on a shelf may be over but consumers still want to rest easy knowing their precious memories are well safeguarded. Storing your photos online has never been easier and there are plenty of great image hosting services to choose from. However, few have been in business as long as Photobucket which first launched 16 years ago back in 2003.

To learn more about Photobucket’s revamped website and its new Member Bill of Rights, TechRadar Pro spoke with the company’s CEO Ted Leonard.

As it relates to Photobucket, historically, Photobucket was a free service with supplementary paid offerings. We’re currently shifting to a paid service with a supported free offering. Our free service is still robust and attractive. Our new paid service is also a great value. Our customers seem to understand that we have to make money in order to continue to invest in a reliable and innovative service that meets their growing needs. We see this to be a common trend among internet-based businesses across multiple industries. 

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Image Credit: Photobucket

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