This Apple AirPods deal sees them cheaper than ever before

Since Apple unveiled the upgraded AirPods (2019), we've been wondering when we would see a significant reduction on the original true wireless earbuds.

With Apple no longer selling the first-gen AirPods, stores are rushing to get rid of their remaining stock – and BT is the frontrunner when it comes to the best AirPods deals, slashing a very respectable £30 off the RRP

Check out the deal below:

Last year's Black Friday saw BT offering the best price on the AirPods; even so, it's unusual to see any discount at all on the true wireless buds. 

Now that the Apple AirPods (2019) have been released, you'll probably be wondering whether it's a good idea to purchase a pair of the first-gen buds. 

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Although they don't feature voice-activated Siri, and don't come with a wireless charging case, the original AirPods are still worth looking at; after all, the earbuds themselves haven't changed in terms of sound quality or design – the main difference really is that you can activate Siri using just your voice, and even that seemed a little quiet in our tests.

The old AirPods do feature one hour less of talk time than the AirPods (2019), but the overall battery life is the same; the earbuds can hold five hours of charge, while the charging case provides an additional 20 hours of juice. 

So, if you're looking to buy some true wireless earbuds and you're not particularly fussed about wireless charging, hands-free Siri, or an hour's extra talking time, it could be well worth looking at this deal and getting the original AirPods with a £30 discount. 

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