Our exclusive Huawei P30 Pro deal is better value than anything else to pre-order

Around this time last year, the Huawei P20 Pro took the UK phone market by storm – and they didn't even see it coming. The Chinese manufacturer designed a smartphone that garnered gushing reviews from all corners of the internet.

And now it's back with a successor – the P30 Pro. And judging from early reception, it's looking likely to repeat the success. That's largely owing to its ridiculously feature-packed photography capabilities – more about which you can read in our Huawei P30 Pro review.

And how much does it cost to get good Huawei P30 Pro deals? Well, a lot less than you might have imagined, thanks to TechRadar's exclusive deal that can't be topped in the early P30 Pro pre-order deal phase. The details are very straightforward – paying absolutely nothing upfront and then £46 per month, you get a shiny new P30 Pro (estimated to be delivered on Friday, April 5) on O2, unlimited texts and calls, and a ginormous 50GB of data to use every month.

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Assuming you want more than 15GB of data each month – which feels like the bare minimum if you're somebody who needs plenty of data for working on your commute and binging on Netflix away from the Wi-Fi) – nobody else can touch this tariff in the first week of sale.

And don't forget that if you pre-order your P30 Pro deal by April 4, you get a tasty free gift, too. Retailers, including Mobile Phones Direct, are giving away a free Sonos One speaker with an RRP of £200. An offer that sounds almost as good as the speaker itself!

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