Plusnet's reward card offer makes it one of the best cheap broadband deals available

Every internet provider has a little extra incentive they throw on top of their cheap broadband deals to help make them all the more tempting. When it comes to Plusnet, it likes to offer up pre-paid Mastercards, which just so happens to make them one of the effective cheapest options week after week.

Its latest promotion is no exception to that rule, giving away a £50 pre-paid Mastercard with its ADSL broadband deals. It means that Plusnet is effectively dropping its monthly price by roughly £3. So after the reward card value is thrown in you will only be paying £14.82 a month – a price only beaten by little-known Onestream.

So if you like the idea of cheap monthly costs and a £50 reward card, scroll down to see this deal in full. Or if you're feeling something a little bit faster, check out our guide to the best fibre broadband deals.

This new Plusnet broadband deal in full:

Need your cheap broadband deal a bit faster?

We're big fans of this broadband deal from Plusnet but you can go even cheaper on your internet. Right now, Onestream is offering ADSL broadband for just £11.99, a bargain if you're not fussed about getting your deal from a lesser-known brand.

But of course, both Onestream and Plusnet are slower options when it comes to internet so what's the best options when it comes to a fibre broadband deal. For cheap fibre, Vodafone is the go-to option. Coming in at £21 a month, Vodafone is now one of the cheapest super fast options, offering average speeds of 35Mb.

Or if the thing that appeals is the idea of an added bonus on top of your broadband, BT is another fantastic option. Currently offering a massive £100 pre-paid Mastercard on top of your fibre broadband, the popular ISP is one of the best options right now. For just £29.99 a month you can get BT speeds of 50Mb.

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