Cheap cell phone plan from Tello: no contract and double data for only $10/mo

If you're looking for a cellphone plan that doesn't have complicated contracts or annoying fees attached, then you've come to the right place. Tello, a low-cost cell phone carrier, is offering cheap cell phone plans that will double your data for as low as $10 a month. 

Right now Tello is offering 1GB of extra data for free with all of its 1GB plans – so a much more generous 2GB of data for the price of 1GB.

Tello allows you to build a plan that's customized to your needs and budget, with the monthly price changing as you add more calls. So $10 a month gets you the 2GB of data with 100 minutes of calls and unlimited texts. The plan goes up to $12 per month for 300 minutes, while $14 gets you completely unlimited calls.

Tello's plans are all prepaid, so that means there's no early termination fees or activation fees and you pay month-to-month. All you need to do is check if your phone is compatible and enroll it with a Tello plan. So ideal for people who want to buy the latest and best smartphones, but don't want a long-term carrier contract attached to it.

And if you're also in need of a cell phone, Tello offers over a wide selection of mobile phones that you can buy directly from the site. This offer will only be valid for a limited time though, so make sure to take advantage of this stellar deal while you can.

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