Samsung wants to sell its Galaxy Fold tech to Apple and Google

The screen tech behind the Samsung Galaxy Fold is certainly innovative and likely to help influence the future of phones, along with similar devices like the Huawei Mate X. Now it seems Samsung wants to supply folding screens to Apple and Google as well.

As per a report in ETNews, Samsung has already provided samples to Apple and Google with a view to helping them get their own foldable phones into mass production.

This isn't completely unprecedented of course – Samsung is one of the companies that supplies display panels for the iPhone, so it's already both a partner with and a competitor to Apple.

If the rumor is true then it might mean we see a foldable handset from Apple or Google sooner than we otherwise would. Apparently Samsung is also in touch with Huawei and Oppo about folding screens.

Bend it like Samsung

For a while now we've been seeing hints that Apple is at least thinking about a foldable iPhone – earlier this week an Apple patent showed off what such a device might look like.

While there's little indication that the Google Pixel 4 would end up being a foldable phone, it's something the company's hardware division might want to look into exploring in the future.

According to the ETNews report, Samsung is geared up to make 2.4 million folding panels a year at the moment, and could up that to 10 million if the demand is there.

So far we've been impressed with what we've seen with the foldable phone revolution, and it looks like there are plenty more handsets on the way to look forward to.

Via MacRumors

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