Smarty Mobile is now giving you one month free with its cheap SIM only deals

We have to admit that Smarty Mobile just keeps on finding new ways to impress us. Every time it adds a new feature or reveals a special offer, it piques our interest – a feat not always easy in a world already jam-packed with impressive SIM only deals.

First came its pledge to give credit for unused data (more on which at the bottom of this page), and then it started dishing out commitment-free unlimited data SIMs for a very reasonable £25 per month. So far, so eye-catching.

Its latest promotion gives you something for absolutely nothing. Sign up for one month of a Smarty SIMO, and it will give you the second month absolutely free. It's a brilliant offer, and one that's especially perfect if you're somebody that's looking for a stopgap SIM for just a couple of months.

The offer, which is available until April 3, comes with all five of Smarty's SIM only plans. So that includes its so-called 'X Small' plan that ordinarily gets you 1GB of data for £6.25 per month. If you decide only to hang around for 60 days, that's the equivalent of £3.12 a month! And the value gets even better as the data increases – so you could go for its £25 unlimited data SIM, now costing an average of only £12.50 for each of the first two months.

Smarty's SIM only deals in full:

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Credit back for unused data

On the merits of the above promotion alone, Smarty is looking like a clever SIMO option at the moment for new and old SIM-free mobiles alike. But its other USP is really worth reminding you about, too.

It will give you money off for any data allowance that you don't use in a month. So if you have a month where you hardly use your phone away from the Wi-Fi at all, you may be eligible for money off your next phone bill. 

The tariffs include a base price of £5 per month which is non-refundable. So whichever plan you go for (other than the basic 1GB or unlimited data options, of course) if you use no data you'll only pay £5 per month and you'll still get unlimited calls and texts to play with.

Worried about reception? Again there's nothing to be afraid of – Smarty piggybacks on the Three network which covers 97% of the UK.

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