How to watch This Time with Alan Partridge online: stream from the UK or abroad

AHA! He's back. The king of the Norfolk radio waves has managed to land another TV gig at none other than the BBC itself. Alan will no doubt be happy to share his presenting skills with the nation, along with lots of digs at those who thought he was all washed up after his book was pulped. The seri should be a night of belly laughing with quotes we'll be using for years to come – and you can watch it all online from anywhere you happen to be.

Following on from Steve Coogan's Mid Morning Matters, Alpha Papa and Alan Partridge's autobiography – the same writing team are back, including Neil and Rob Gibbons, to open this new special. So hopes are definitely high for side–splitting fun. That's right Partridge naysayers – smell my cheese, you mothers!

Alan last presented live television in the nineties, but that was axed after he accidentally shot and killed a guest live on air (oh Alan!). So expect there to be a few teething problems for this comeback. But, no doubt, it will end up being as hot as the innards of an apple turnover.

The mock–live show, which sounds similar to The One Show and expect to see familiar faces like Alan's assistant Lynn – whose life is”technically not worth insuring” according to Alan – played by Felicity Montagu and the more recently added Sidekick Simon played by comedian Tim Key.

Watching in the UK is easy enough thanks to BBC television and the BBC iPlayer, but for those outside the country you can still watch Alan Partridge online by using a VPN service. How to get one of those, and which is best for you, can be found out below.

How to watch This Time with Alan Partridge online for free in the UK:

To watch This Time with Alan Partridge in the UK, you simply need to have paid your TV licence and have a connection to a BBC One broadcast. 

It's also possible to watch the show via the internet live using BBC iPlayer or You can also watch the show after it has aired using BBC iPlayer which is on a host of devices including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

And if you're outside of the UK but still want to watch This Time with Alan Partridge online as it goes out, then there's an easy way to get around any geographical restrictions. Read on to take advantage of our nifty little VPN workaround.

Stream This Time with Alan Partridge from outside your country

If you're out of the country but still want to watch This Time with Alan Partridge live, it's still possible – and without too much faff. You can get around geo-blocks and watch via a dedicated TV streaming website as long as you appear to be in the UK. This is possible using the combination of a VPN and

Which VPN is best for you? Our tip-top fave is ExpressVPN . Read on to find out all you need to know about how to use that to watch This Time with Alan Partridge in three simple steps:

Watch Knowing Me, Knowing You, I'm Alan Partridge and Alpha Papa online

Alan has had a glittering career before this BBC appearance, of course. And you can enjoy every hilarious minute by watching old episodes of Knowing Me, Knowing You, I'm Alan Partridge and the feature film Alpha Papa – all online right now. Here's how.

Watch Knowing Me, Knowing You online

Lots of classic episodes of Alan in his prime are available in the form of his hit interview show Knowing Me, Knowing You. You can watch this online in a number of ways.

There are plenty of clips and guest interviews on YouTube for quick and easily digestible tidbits. For full episodes head over to either Netflix, Google Play or TalkTalk TV.

Watch I'm Alan Partridge online

Thanks to the massive popularity of I'm Alan Partridge you watch the old episodes back online now – and yes, they're still funny.

Your options include: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, PlayStation, Google Play or Microsoft.

Watch Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa online

This feature film was massive and, as a result, is available to watch nearly everywhere online. Deep breath now, here's the list:

Amazon Prime Video – Subscribe 

BFI Player – Subscribe

Rakuten – £1.99

Amazon – £2.49

Google Play – £2.49

YouTube – £2.49

PlayStation – £2.49

Microsoft – £2.49

BFI Player – £3.50

Apple – £3.49

Sky Store – £3.49

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