Oppo foldable concept phone looks eerily similar to Huawei Mate X

Oppo is working on its own version of a foldable phone which seems to take a couple of lessons from the Huawei Mate X, the latest foldable phone on the block. 

After Samsung announced its Galaxy Fold last week, Huawei entered the race just yesterday when it showcased a foldable phone with minimal bezels.

On Monday, Brian Shen, VP at Oppo took to Weibo and gave us our first look at their yet unnamed foldable phone. 

Shen noted that the company doesn’t think that a foldable phone brings about a whole lot of improvement in user experience, which is why Oppo is not mass producing its foldable phone just yet as it wants to observe the response from consumers first. 

The Weibo post was accompanied by a couple of close-up shots of the phone in question which reminded us of the Mate X. 

Image Credit: Brian Shen

Inspired by Huawei Mate X?

Taking little cues from the Mate X, it looks like Oppo's foldable phone has a bigger screen when it opens up to a tablet. The bezels on the Oppo foldable are a bit more in comparison to the Mate X. 

Even the camera implementation looks similar to the Huawei counterpart as it uses the rear cameras to shoot selfies. It also features a sidebar-like design on the back which houses the dual-camera setup and the branding near the bottom edge. The top edge of the sidebar also seems to house the power button.

There’s just no information regarding the internals of the Oppo foldable phone and it looks like it may be a while before we hear anything official from the company.

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