A DECADE of Innovation; Samsung Marks the Beginning of a New Era

This year is bigger than ever! Samsung has not only introduced what many have been waiting for, but it has also revealed the most exciting surprise of the year. The new release of the Galaxy S10 celebrates its 10th anniversary, and this deserved an extra guest on the stage of Unpacked 2019; the Galaxy Fold, which will initiate the trend of foldable smartphones and will be available soon in the UAE.

The event was absolutely jaw-dropping as the most innovative features of the Galaxy S10 were finally unveiled, and you’re going to love what’s coming!

Good Bye Bezel!!

The Galaxy S10 promises a cinematic display as its screen goes from edge to edge and shows almost NO bezel at all. It literally looks like a full surface of a display without any interruption; imagine what watching movies would feel like!!

But that’s not a surprise, is it? In the field of maximizing screen size, Samsung has always proved to be a pioneer throughout all its Galaxy models, and the Galaxy S10 is here to put an end to the game once and for all. You would think that this makes the device more vulnerable, but here’s the good news: Its screen is actually made of the most durable glass in the market.

On-Screen Fingerprint Scan

The Galaxy S10 guarantees even more privacy than ever as it uses a 3D scanning technology, making it the most secure phone in the market. The ultrasonic fingerprint prevents unauthorized access to your device through paper copies of your fingerprint. It’s super convenient that even with all this security, the phone simply unlocks with your on-screen touch.

Who Said Only Pros Can do Photography?

Imagine having all the lenses you could ever need in your pocket. That’s exactly what the Galaxy S10 feels like as it offers a variety of embedded lenses; from Panoramic Ultra-Wide to Dual Aperture lenses. You can now capture even more than the human eye can see and even embrace the dim light. With that, you don’t need to worry about fitting all your family members into one picture, or capturing the full breakfast view, or even posing next to the tallest building in the world. You could have it all in one!

If you’re an amateur photographer who isn’t into manual settings, Samsung has got you covered; the intelligent Photo Assistant in the device automatically finds the best way for you to compose your photo, and it optimizes it in no time to get you great results.

In this age, we don’t only care about photos but also videos, right? Well, the Galaxy S10 functions much like an action camera as it takes videos that are a lot more stable than those taken with normal cameras. So, if you’re an adventurer, you know which phone is the one.

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Now that all of this is out, what else could Samsung invent? That’s what we all said back in 1999 when innovators at Samsung developed both the watch phone and the TV phone, bringing productivity and entertainment into the world of communications. What about that time when Samsung launched the True Color Phone in 2002? Who would’ve expected, back then, to witness the revolution of the active matrix LCD displays? That changed the mobile industry forever, and Samsung, once again, is only doing what it has always been doing; not only changing the shape of the phone but also changing the shape of the future.

What’s even better is that the Galaxy S10 has the most convenient feature; Wireless Power-Sharing. With the Galaxy S10 serving as a portable charger, phones and wearables around you would never run out of battery. Imagine a scenario when you go on a run and realize halfway that your earbuds are out of battery; how unlucky is that? All you need to do is to place them on the back of the phone, and let it do its magic. So, saving battery is so last year; the Galaxy S10 not only charges batteries but also saves its own battery intelligently as it optimizes according to your own routine. Next time someone asks for a charger, know that the Galaxy S10 is always the answer.

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