OnePlus 7 may gain pop-up selfie cam, leak suggests

Images purporting to show the OnePlus 7 have leaked online, which suggest the upcoming phone could have a pop-up selfie camera instead of the static front-facing snapper found on the OnePlus 6.

Two photos, posted on Twitter by @Steven_Sbw, are claimed to show the device. Both show it from the front, so we can’t tell a whole lot about the device, but there are a few significant differences from the OnePlus 6 that, if the images are genuine, would mean the OnePlus 7 is a big step up from its predecessor. 

Notable features of the images are the minimal bezel and lack of a notch on the display – instead, the screen is an unbroken rectangle. 

It appears the display has been flipped in one photo, judging by the sizes of the bezels above and below the screen being reversed from what you’d expect on any device and the side buttons being on the opposite side of the device.

The images do seem suspiciously similar to the Oppo Find X – the only differentiating factor between the device in the images and the Find X is the side buttons seem slightly lower, and the bezel below the screen looks a little bigger. 

OnePlus and Oppo are owned by the same firm, so it would be no surprise if the devices shared a similar look, but take the leak with a mountain of salt anyway. 

The lack of a notch brings with it the absence of any kind of visible front-facing camera on the device. Of course it’s inconceivable that the phone wouldn’t have a selfie camera – there would be no quicker way for OnePlus to halve its audience – instead the device likely has a pop-up camera as other Oppo devices do.

While the leak seems a little suspicious, both because of the unproven nature of the leaker and the device’s undeniable similarities with the Find X, many of the features it shows back up rumors and leaks we’ve already heard

We’ve heard that it’ll have no notch or bezel, and use a slide-out camera, and OnePlus itself has confirmed the phone will run a Snapdragon 855 processor.

Compared to other phones (we’re looking at you, LG G8 ThinQ and Samsung Galaxy S10) the OnePlus 7 hasn’t been the subject of many leaks, so there’s still a lot we want to find out about the device. Hopefully we’ll know more after MWC 2019, as we’re expecting the OnePlus 7 to launch mid-2019. 

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