Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders: what should you expect to pay in Australia?

While we've had a plethora of leaks and rumours leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, none have quenched our desire to get our hands on the South Korean company's upcoming flagship as soon as possible. With the launch date now fast approaching, the S10 and its more expensive, and more affordable, siblings are quickly becoming a reality.

Amongst the rumours, it's looking likely that Samsung will be cutting down on its notch size and possibly even incorporating a pinhole camera notch in its screen. Other potential inclusions range from an in-screen fingerprint scanner (making for an awesome Infinity Display along with the tiny pinhole notch) and an improved battery capacity over its predecessor.

While we've got a more extensive list of Samsung Galaxy S10 news, leaks, rumours and announcements, we know you're really here to check out what it takes to get yourself one of these shiny flagships, so here's what we know about plan and outright pricing.

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When can I pre-order the Galaxy S10

As we've mentioned on our outright pre-order page, the new range of Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship handsets will be unveiled at the company's February 20 Unpacked event in San Francisco at 11am, which works out as February 21, 5am AEST for Australia.

Traditionally, pre-orders have opened up simultaneously with the launch event, so we can expect it to be the same this year around. In the US, Samsung has promised users who pre-order the handset that they will be receiving it on March 8, and based on previous years, we can likely expect the same timeframe.

For a more detailed look at how to order your handset outright, check out our Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order page.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price predictions

Considering the cheapest version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 launched for $1,199 in Australia, and that a more affordable model will be released alongside the S10 this year (the Galaxy S10e), we're not expecting the new Samsung flagship to be cheap.

We're expecting to see it land in the bracket between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9, which we predict would put it at $1,349 for the lowest storage configuration.

Based on the trends over the years, we're likely going to see Telstra, Optus and other major carriers bring out the lower storage model handset on 24-month contracts starting from the $90 per month mark on a relatively low-data plan (4-6GB), with better value offerings sitting in the $100-110 bracket.

While our estimations here are based on years of evidence and carefully watching the smartphone market, we're still hanging out for the all-important facts to be unleashed. Stay tuned here for all the latest on Samsung Galaxy S10 plans and pricing.

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