Print-related data breaches affected 60% of businesses last year

Reliance on print in the workplace is causing security concerns for businesses worldwide according to the results of Quocirca's latest Global Print Security Report.

The study found that print-related breaches are costing an average of over $400,000 per year with 60 per cent of organisations experiencing at least one print-related data loss in the past 12 months. However, the majority of these breaches stem from accidental actions by internal users or insider threat.

Despite a reported 11 percent of all security incidents being related to print infrastructure, Quocirca's research found that attempts to mitigate print risks lack maturity with only 27 per cent of businesses achieving print security leader status in the firm's Print Security Maturity Index.

Even as businesses undergo their digital transformations, 91 percent of organisations consider print to still be important and 87 percent expect its importance to continue over the next two years.

Perception gap

Quocirca's study also found a perception gap where print security risks are concerned. The top perceived risk is malware according to 70 percent of organisations despite the fact that the most common cause of actual breaches is accidental actions of internal users accounting for 32 percent of incidents.

This perception gap could easily lead organisations to place too much focus on some risks while neglecting others.

Quocirca's Research Director Louella Fernandes provided further insight on the findings of the report, saying:

“Print infrastructure is vulnerable to all the threats associated with IoT devices, but also to risks linked to hard copy output. The number of print-related of breaches reported by the organisations we surveyed is concerning and the lack of security maturity shows that businesses can and should do more. With the financial, legal and reputational consequences of data breaches escalating, print security is intrinsic to an organisation’s security posture and a risk that should be managed at boardroom level.”

One way that Quocirca suggests businesses can improve their print security is by turning to a managed print service (MPS) with its research showing a positive link between businesses that use MPS and improved security.

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