Google launches G Suite recruitment tool

In an effort to make it easier for businesses to recruit the best talent for their organisations, Google has announced that its G Suite recruitment app Hire is now available in the UK and Canada.

The search giant first launched its recruitment app for the US market back in July 2017 and now it is extending the service to the UK and Canada where its success could possibly lead to a global rollout later down the line.

Hire helps organisations by making it easy to collaborate on identifying talent, building strong candidate relationships and allowing them to efficiently manage the end-to-end interview process within their existing workflows.

Google's recruitment app also integrates seamlessly with other G Suite apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar by enabling customers to run an efficient recruiting process alongside G Suite's other familiar tools.

Recruiting with Hire and G Suite

Hire and G Suite were designed to work so well together that an organisation's recruitment team can focus on their top priorities as opposed to wasting time copying and pasting across tools.

Using Hire, businesses can recruit directly from within Gmail and the emails will sync automatically in both services. The app also allows users to schedule interviews that automatically sync to Google Calendar

Businesses can also track candidates in Hire and then use Google Sheets to analyze and visualize the data.

Companies that are already using G Suite in their day to day operations can easily take advantage of Hire and we could see Google expand the service to more countries if it is successful in the UK and Canada.

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