Intel ‘budget’ processors may have reverted back to thermal paste cooling

Intel’s new F-series processors were already plenty interesting for dropping integrated graphics without being any cheaper, and now we may have learned they won’t feature nearly as robust cooling either.

It appears that momomo_US has got its hands on an Intel Core i5-9400F, removed its lid and revealed the processor will utilize a grease-based thermal interface material (TIM). 

If this leak is authentic, it would be a step backwards for the company's products. Intel's Coffee Lake Refresh reintroduced the superior soldered TIM to the delight of overclockers and PC enthusiasts.

Beyond the dismay of hardcore fans, we've seen soldered TIMs reduce peak temperatures by 10 degrees Celsius, going from the Intel Core i7-8700K to and Core i9-9900K.

This is especially impressive considering that the latter Coffee Lake Refresh processor featured two more cores than its closest predecessor.

Going back to thermal grease to transfer heat between the processor dies and the integrated heatsink – in other words, the top cover of the CPU – would likely lead to higher temperatures once again.

It remains to be seen whether all the F-series Intel processors will come with a thermal grease-based TIM – especially those with K-series, soldered counterparts. 

We certainly hope not, as this development would only add to the absurdity of processors that have no integrated graphics without any reduction in price.

We’ve asked Intel for a comment on this story and will update this should we receive a statement.

Via Tom's Hardware

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