Mysterious bug bricked Xbox One consoles for a few hours on Wednesday

Some astronomical anomalies happen so fast that, by the time you look out your window, they’re already over. Such was the case on Wednesday when a mysterious error stopped Xbox One consoles from booting up properly, instead displaying a permanent black screen, or failing to log into Xbox Live for folks who managed to get past the startup screen.

Reports started coming in Wednesday morning EST that gamers couldn’t get their Xbox One to properly boot up despite restarting the console multiple times and were reaching out to Xbox Support for solutions to the problem. 

Xbox Support acknowledged the issue around 1pm EST in a tweet and pointed concerned parties to the Xbox Live Status Page that allows you to see which services are operational in real time.

Unfortunately, and somewhat comically, the status services page was down, too. 

By around 3:30pm EST Xbox Support had confirmed on Twitter that the issue had been resolved and gamers could get back online – though Xbox Support didn’t elaborate on what, exactly, caused the errors in the first place. (Major Nelson tweeted that it was a service update that needed to be rolled back.)

A bad day for an outage

While outages occur fairly regularly on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, this error was particularly bad as it completely prevented people from playing their games – both online and offline.

The outage occurred just as America was going through a severe cold spell and gamers weren't all that happy that the error prevented them from partaking in some snow day gaming.

In the end, despite the amazing memes and a few threats to join PlayStation Nation, all things were resolved and all battle stations are operational.

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